Why do I write stories?

Published June 14, 2012 by helenlaycock

We all have an imagination.

All sorts of things can set our imagination alight – something we see or think we see, an overheard conversation or, even in one case, for me, a sign on a gate as I drove past. It looked like ‘Pooks Wood’, though it turned out not to be… but it gave me an idea for a book.

For me, imagination is like having a little film set inside my head that changes from scene to scene, depending on what I’m working on. I forget I’m in the real world and just watch what’s happening… and as it happens, I write it down. I don’t really see what my fingers are doing on the keyboard and sometimes it’s a real rush to get it down as the characters surprise me with their actions. It’s as though they’re leading the story, not me!

‘Stop!’ I want to shout at them. ‘Freeze – I need to go back and correct a mistake!’ But, of course, they can’t. They have to get on with the action, living their virtual lives inside my head and I am just their messenger, trying to tell their story in the best way I can.

Here at catchingcottonclouds I will share some of my stories with you. I named my blog that as, sometimes, trying to capture an idea and to convey it just using words is almost like tring to throw a net up into the sky and hoist down a fluffy cloud. It just seeps through the holes and escapes again.

I hope what you see will inspire you to read and to write. It’s a wonderful escape from real life… and doesn’t cost a penny.


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