I’ve broken in at last…

Well, it’s only taken me a year and a half to realise that the reason the option ‘make a new blog post’ didn’t come up was because I had to SIGN IN! Doh…

And now I’m here, I have nothing to say.

So that was disappointing, wasn’t it?

Well, no, actually – as there’s no one to be disappointed! No one knows about this blog so I’m just shouting into space.

Hello! HELLO!!

Don’t they say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness?

‘They’? Who are they?

*feels paranoid and looks around*

Anyway, this will probably be my only post for a couple of years as I’ll forget to sign in again.

Will it really?

Yes, self, more than likely…


Author: helenlaycock

The tiniest detail can spark off an idea. I collect them, like butterflies. They can be strange or beautiful...and, as they flutter around, I pluck them out and use them to write. Sometimes they turn into poetry, sometimes into stories, but a lot of them have grown into something much bigger - books. I have not yet decided whether I am a children's or adults' author as I write for both. So, I'll just call myself a writer.

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