Well, here I am again.

Already? you ask.

Yes, it’s all or nothing with me.

Just thought I’d post a little bit of news whilst having a break from republishing ‘Salt’ – a children’s mystery set at Pirates’ Cove…

Some lucky individuals are awarded OBEs, some CBEs. Others become Sir or Lady


Drum roll, please!


Trrrrrrrrr (that’s the drum roll, in case you were wondering)


I hereby proudly announce my newly-awarded title – Drablr of the week. Ta da!


*hears confused muttering*

It means – some people know nothing – that my 100 word story (i.e. ‘drabble’) was voted favourite on the website.

And here it is in its full gruesome glory:


‘Mrs Radley, you really should open your windows more often. Look at the flies.’ 
I opened a window. 
‘And get some air freshener. It smells so-’ 
My face contorted. 
‘You’d feel a lot less lonely if you tried making more conversation. Sometimes I feel as though I’m talking to myself.’ 
I flicked the duster along the back of Mrs Radley’s chair. Specks settled on her soft white hair. I swiped along the arm and around her mottled hand. 
Mrs Radley was grinning at me. Her dentures were on her chest and a bluebottle was regurgitating on her left eyeball.



Author: helenlaycock

The tiniest detail can spark off an idea. I collect them, like butterflies. They can be strange or beautiful...and, as they flutter around, I pluck them out and use them to write. Sometimes they turn into poetry, sometimes into stories, but a lot of them have grown into something much bigger - books. I have not yet decided whether I am a children's or adults' author as I write for both. So, I'll just call myself a writer.

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