It’s all over…

I have just written THE END. My hand hovered for a while over that ‘T’. Was it really over, after all this time? I couldn’t be sure. Just like that, it happened. One minute I was up in the air, drawing squiggles as I looped the loop between the clouds, and the next I had plummeted to a stop. It caught me unawares, it really did.


What’s going to happen to all my characters now? I hope they will be all right. I feel as though I have been on a massive journey with them and have now abandoned them.


I worked really hard over the last few days to get this done. There is a deadline I want to meet for a competition for a humorous children’s book. This is my cover idea:





I am trying to remember how long this book has taken. I think I started it around Christmas, although the ideas began to brew long before. After several thousand words, I began to be less able to retain all the plot points, so, as usual, I summarised each chapter in my special book of hand-made paper – the one I have used for every book I’ve written so far.


But then, there were too many pages to look through to get the whole picture.


I turned to an enormous flip chart and made a grid. I had seen JK Rowling do the same. I jotted down the main points for each chapter, made a note of which characters appeared where, was able to correctly assign an actual day of the week to Day 1, Day 2, etc and scribbled additional information which would need to be included later in the book.


I didn’t use all the squares (128), but I can use what’s left to play solitaire or something. After all, I’ll be twiddling my thumbs for a while now, I think.


Author: helenlaycock

The tiniest detail can spark off an idea. I collect them, like butterflies. They can be strange or beautiful...and, as they flutter around, I pluck them out and use them to write. Sometimes they turn into poetry, sometimes into stories, but a lot of them have grown into something much bigger - books. I have not yet decided whether I am a children's or adults' author as I write for both. So, I'll just call myself a writer.

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