Rubbing shoulders with Thomas Hardy


This week I was delighted to receive the Winter edition of The Caterpillar, a lovely publication for children full of stories, poems and art.

The Caterpillar is the offspring of the prestigious Moth  arts and literature magazine.

I sent off a selection of poems to one of the editors, Will Govan, back in September. Although they weren’t suitable, he asked for more…

‘Wind’ was one of the poems I submitted in the next batch, and Rebecca O’Connor, the second editor, said that they would love to publish it. I actually only added that one to make an even number of submissions; I thought it was the weakest of the lot. What do I know?!

Anyway, here it is, looking perfectly lovely on p.21:


And, this will probably be the only time that my name appears on the same contents page as Thomas Hardy.


Author: helenlaycock

I have my fingers in many pies - poetry, flash, short stories, books, plays and now a blog, it seems, which is just as well as lots happens around me. It's hard to write when your fingers are in pies, but I do my best.

6 thoughts on “Rubbing shoulders with Thomas Hardy”

  1. Well done, Helen! The Moth and The Caterpillar are such beautiful publications. I was fortunate to hear Will speak at a literary festival in Armagh last November. Incidentally, Paul Muldoon presented his famous New York ‘Muldoon’s Picnic’ the same night which was quite an event!



    1. Thank you, Marion. Yes, I was delighted to have something accepted. As you say, fabulous publications. In fact, Rebecca (Will’s counterpart!) asked if they could publish another children’s poem I had sent. It’s just gone to print and will be in the Spring edition.


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